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Digital Phenomena - Your first stop for internet consultancy 

A selection of services we can provide:

Computer, Networking & Consultancy Services
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to find out how we can help you are your network, from hardware to software.

Web Design and Creation
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Webmasters Area
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for some useful tools for webmasters

Network/Internet Services
  • Broadband (ADSL) advice
  • Dialup internet services
  • Email configuration
  • Routers and equipment
  • Internet Service Provision (ISP)
  • Microsoft server installation
  • Usenet advice

Computer Systems
  • Open Source consultancy
  • Apple Mac support & advice
  • Multi-platform networking
  • PDA support
  • RISC OS support
  • Windows installations and security
  • Linux system administration

Software & Programming Services
  • Project Management
  • Interactive database design
  • PERL/CGI programming
  • Bespoke programming solutions
  • RISC OS software

Security & Privacy Protection
  • PGP installation
  • Key generation
  • Wi-fi security and firewalls
  • Server firewall setups
  • Digital Forensic Analysis

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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